When was the last time you brainstormed cost-effective marketing ideas for your shopping center?


When-was-last-time-mktgWhen was the last time you focused on the need to increase foot traffic at your shopping center, but did not want to engage in cost-prohibitive marketing efforts?

Whether you are looking to help boost sales of existing tenants, differentiate yourself from nearby centers, or engage the interest of prospective tenants, there are a number of cost-effective marketing alternatives.

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Establish a Social Media Presence
Most neighborhood shopping centers do not require complete websites, and all of the maintenance and expertise that goes along with proper upkeep. Instead, consider establishing a presence on social media by launching a Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account (just pick one!). This is a ‘searchable’ way to directly connect with potential customers and give your retailers an opportunity to announce promotions and special events. There are many “well-connected” consultants, such as Big Chief Creative Media, that can help.

Establish a ‘Shopping Partnership’
Is your shopping center positioned close to a number of schools? Are you a daily needs center with various family-serving tenants? Why not consider establishing a partnership that would give back to the community and increase traffic? Shopping Partnership is one of a number of online resources that can establish and administer a school rewards program to give back to the community, while supporting your retailers at the same time.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
If your center is well-positioned along a main traffic corridor and you want to literally ‘drive’ in traffic, consider adding electric vehicle charging stations. Each EV station provider offers various incentives at little or no cost to the owner, but the greatest benefit is the additional marketing exposure for your shopping center. See SIMON’s Q2 announced partnership with NRG EVgo.

Say ‘Yes’ to Balloons, ‘No’ to Sign Wavers
Fly balloons at the shopping center, install special occasion flags and banners, or decorate for holidays to grab attention. Encourage retailers to use window displays or showcase marquee products in front of the store. But stay away from allowing hired sign people to stand on corners, or permitting retailers to display old sale merchandise on sidewalks. Nothing looks more desperate according to The Retail Doctor (How to Attract Customers and Increase Foot Traffic).

As property managers and brokers we represent nearly 150 shopping center properties across the Southland. More importantly, we are all moms, dads, young professionals, sports enthusiasts, food enthusiasts – CONSUMERS who respond to marketing efforts and visit shopping centers every day for daily needs… and a little bit more.

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