Management Services: Acquisition Analysis

Management: Due Diligence

For over 20 years Coreland Companies has supported the successful acquisition and disposition of more than $500M worth of assets. We offer an array of property acquisition and due diligence services depending on the needs of the client and subject property.

Our professionals look for ways to maximize CAM revenue and reduce slippage, and focus on factors that could diminish value and/or impede a redevelopment effort. As a part of the Due Diligence process, our Acquisition Analysis includes the following:

Analysis and/or Development of:
12-Month Budget
3-Year Historical Income & Expense Comparison Model
CAM Reimbursement Model
CAM Slippage
Gross Sales Reports
Lease Abstracts
Ground Lease Abstracts
CCR/REA Documents, Abstracts
Property Tax Projection
Analysis and/or Development of:
Property Inventory
Vendor Contracts, Relationships
Vacant Space

Analysis and/or Development of:
Market Survey
Market Trends
Void Analysis
Lease Proposals (previous 24 mos.)
Site Plan and Floor Plans


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