Industry Leaders Kick-Off IREM SoCal Conference with Executive Think Tank


IREM-Conference_3The Orange County Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) hosted its 25th-annual Southern California Real Estate Conference and Trade Show on May 28. The one-day event welcomed a capacity crowd of property management professionals and industry vendors.

An ‘Executive Think Tank’ kicked off the day featuring a panel of industry leaders who discussed the changing landscape of the retail, office, industrial and multifamily sectors. The panel of executives, including Coreland Vice President of Real Estate Management Cheryl Todd, focused on market trends, smart business strategies and the expectations of young professionals. Other featured panelists included Costa Mesa Mayor and Mesa Management’s Steve Mensinger, Cushman Wakefield’s Maria Sicola, Goodman Birtcher’s Mike Kent, and moderator Holly McManus of Irvine Co. Office Properties.

IREM-Conference_1Knowledge is key was among the reinforced messages throughout the event. Think Tank panelists emphasized that today’s technology affords property management professionals the insight needed to stay on the cutting edge.

“Maria started us off by emphasizing that one of the major driving forces in our industry today is the ability to leverage available data to better understand customers, tenants and clients,” shared Todd. “Knowledge is key, and if you are not taking advantage of the data available then you are not maximizing the value of your portfolio.

With technology comes mobility, which continues to transform the property management industry.  Panelists discussed the many platforms available today to help management professionals do their jobs more efficiently.

The panel also focused on the new generation of property management professionals, and what is expected of all from an executive level.

“All of us agreed that a great attitude is a much more valuable characteristic to a company than great skill,” shared Todd. “We want employees that are proactive and always willing to learn something new; employees who want to be a part of the process.

“I think that everyone – whether you are a leader or team member – should always be reading, staying current on industry trends, and interacting with colleagues of all ages and levels. The more we collaborate, the more we grow as individuals and as a company.”

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