CALIFORNIA CENTERS: Niche Markets, Local Leaders Discuss the Grocer Landscape


California Centers, Publish Date: August, 2015

CA-Centers-ArticleThe arrival of a few niche grocers has created fierce competition throughout California, with winners primarily determined by either healthy selection or price. California Centers gathered insight from industry leaders regarding the changes and expectations across the grocer landscape.

Following is an excerpt from Matt Hammond. For the compete article, go to California Centers’ August edition, page 30.


“Matt Hammond, partner and senior vice president of Coreland Companies in Tustin, agrees that the latest batch of market-movers is not likely to repeat the mistakes of the past. Rather, they’re taking these history lessons to heart.

“I would not compare any of the expanding grocers to Haggen,” he says. “Haggen made a sudden and brash entrance into a sophisticated Southern California market, never taking the time to understand the local culture. Aldi and Grocery Outlet’s expansions have been much more calculated, and their real estate decisions much more scrutinized.”