GLOBEST: Why Lease Restrictions Challenge New Retail

As in any negotiation, how much you concede depends on the leverage, Coreland’s Ben Terry tells in this look at managing restrictions in today’s retail environment. read more →

19 Sep 2017

GLOBEST.COM: Preparing for ICSC’s Western States caught up with heavy hitters in the retail space, including Coreland’s Matt Hammond, to talk about all things retail, new technologies and lease negotiations. read more →

06 Sep 2017


The Tehachapi neighborhood shopping center features a stable tenant lineup of neighborhood-serving retailers including Big 5 and Family Dollar. read more →

01 Sep 2017

Retail’s Return to Main Street

Rather than the one-size-fits-all experience, today’s consumers demand a more personal and unique shopping experience, and these changes are reflective within our own management and leasing portfolios. read more →

14 Aug 2017

MARKETPLACE TRENDS: Addressing Parking Challenges as Managers & Brokers

Real Estate Manager Rosa Kendrick and Senior Vice President Matt Hammond share their thoughts on today’s retail parking challenges. read more →

04 Aug 2017

RETAIL ROUNDUP: Second Quarter 2017 Retail Market Highlights

The mid-year report showcases stability across Los Angeles and Orange County, and slight gains in the Inland Empire thanks to new construction deliveries and an improving unemployment rate. read more →

02 Aug 2017