09 May 2017

MARKETPLACE TRENDS: Technology in Retail Property Management

With a diverse portfolio of leasing, management and accounting assignments, Coreland teams are focused on issues and trends regarding the Southern California retail on a daily basis. Quarterly we present the statistics through our Quarterly Retail Roundup, and consult our ‘boots-on-the-ground’ for their view of industry trends. This quarter we asked Controller Erika Griggs to share her thoughts on the role of technology.


Erika Griggs, Controller
Smart Use of Accounting Technology is Critical to Good Management!

CC_Erika-GriggsTechnology moves at such a rapid pace that sometimes it’s hard to identify which tools are going to improve efficiency, and which are just going to add another layer to the process. Ultimately technology is a necessity in our field and, when properly implemented, it produces great benefits for our clients, properties and teams.

One of our favorites is our Accounts Payable Automation technology which has enabled us to go paper-free in a more secure environment. We no longer manually process invoices associated to our portfolio of properties, which means that physical copies of sensitive information are not at risk. Security is a top priority for our team, thus we maintain the same level of approvals as was required in our paper-based process. The difference is that now we are able to approve and pay a batch of invoices more efficiently, and all current and historical information is available 24/7 on the cloud.