21 May 2018

GLOBEST: Industry Eager to See What’s In Store At RECON

By Natalie Dolce

As published on GlobeSt.com on May 21, 2018

ICSC-RECON-InnovationLAS VEGAS—Welcome to ICSC’s RECon event here in Las Vegas! If you are one of the 40,000 or so individuals here, you might have attended last night’s opening reception (as we did) at Encore XS Nightclub (or one of many other parties happening around the strip).

No matter how you are spending you first night at RECon, it is clear that deals and networking don’t just happen on the show floor, they happen after hours as well. To prepare for the event, we got a few retail thoughts from some of the experts in attendance.

Dan Hoogesteger, managing director of Sands Investment Group’s West Coast headquarters, tells GlobeSt.com that there is some concern for soft goods retailers and certain categories of big box. “People are sticking to categories that they feel are safe and Amazon proof.”

Vicky Hammond, VP at Coreland Cos. and incoming ICSC Southern California operations chair, tells GlobeSt.com that RECon is an important forum for her teams. “It is an opportunity to gauge mid-year progress and determine the strength of the market. We are looking forward to connecting with several of our industry colleagues, from investors to retailers, to better understand market conditions. At the end of the day, our industry is based on fostering relationships and RECon is a key driver.”

When asked about how this conference will be different than in past years, she tells us that this year, the conference will feature an innovation exchange that will provide hands-on access to next-generation retail concepts. “Security robots, virtual dressing rooms and all types of A.I. integration. I think this adds an exciting new element to the vent and pushes each of us to think beyond out day-to-day responsibilities.”

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